Bloggers Applications

☠ Mesh body required.
☠ Blog must be at least 6 months old.
☠ Bloggers must post high quality pictures displaying the items blogged clearly and in detail.
☠ At this time there is a minimum of 2 posts a month for B.O.D. That may change in the near future.
☠ All posts must have accurate and up to date store and or event links.
☠ B.O.D. store logo must be displayed on your blog.
☠ An open group space is required.
☠ You must have a flickr account and post to the B.O.D. flickr group.
☠ All bloggers will complete a monthly report to B.O.D. blogger manager with their posts for the month.
☠ It is the bloggers responsibility to notify the blogger manager if they will be away for any period of time.
☠ If selected you will be contacted by a member of our staff. We will keep applications on file and may refer back to them when openings become available.

Apply here!

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